Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's cooking?

Look what's cooking in the kitchen....CUPCAKES.

Mixing dough is a delicate process, so watch carefully children.

You then take the dough and place it into paper cups like so.

Ok! Now you try. Gently now.


Careful, don't let the dough spill on the outside of the cups. Good Job.
Alright then, into the oven and let the baking begin...
Now that the cupcakes are baked, time to pack it up and take it home.

Want a cupcake?

The kids did a great job and the cupcakes were delicious. Bravo Kids.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Every Monday mornings, we have our preschool assembly at 9am sharp. The children will gather in the assembly hall where they stand in line, just like how they would do in school one day. This is to get them aquainted and familiar with school assemblies next time when they actually go to school.

We teach the children to sing Negaraku, our natinoal Anthem. For their first time singing negaraku, the children of course did not know about standing up straight, but we let them off easy because its their first time. First learn the song we thought, then gradually we will teach them to stand straight to show respect to the national anthem.

Next they were taught to sing the school song.

The songs colorfully prepared on pieces of cloth. (I have just been told they have upgraded the songs to be shown on the lcd projector)

The new horizon school song was composed by the teacher you see teaching in this picture.

(Pictures of the children learning to stand in attention during the national Anthem.)

All in all I think the children did well and are a great bunch of kids. We are very baised, we know.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


You are always going to have kids who say PE or Physical Education is not their favorite thing. However PE is very important indeed. PE helps the kids exercise and to grow to adults with lifelong healthy fitness habits. That is the goal.

So in order to make it fun, we added a section for matches and games to wrap up their PE session.
(Stand on one foot-see who can do it fast)

(Coordination games - concerntration developement- balance the cup, while holding the ball and walking in the hoola-hoops)

(Must concerntrate,..................................................don't drop anything until I reach the end)
Judging from their concertration and their smile, I would say they had fun exercising.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Break Time

Everyday, from Monday to Friday that is, starting from 10:00am till 10:20am, we have recess time for the kids. This is the time for the kids to play and have fun and just release their natural high energy at their age. We have a few games that they can play during this time, there are shoot the hoop,

(Natural Slam-Dunk-er)


and of course every kids' favourite,


The slide by far is the most popular of all the recess time games. As a kid I am sure we do remember how exciting the slide can be...the climbing of the ladder, the standing at the highest point of the slide and then sliding down the slide itself with a great SWOOOSH. I have to admit the slide has always brought out the greatest fun in us as a kid.

After many many sliding and see-sawing later, we sit the children down on the floor around the table, last supper style to have some nice kiddy goodies, not too much, but just enough to replenish their energies after the high energy playtime workout they just had. Here the children will learn what is social interaction, conversation with one another, table manners and etiquette.

Anyway the break time is by far the most fun for the children because they are free to have fun just about anywhere.

(I wonder what they're doing?)

Ok Back to lessons....

Friday, July 11, 2008


Everything that is alive will grow, so said my teacher in science class many years ago. Today we taught the children how to do some simple gardening. We prepared mini sized pots for them.

The teacher then instructed them to insert the netting into the pot, followed by placing the plant into the pot, and next fill it up with soil and lastly water it. But thats not the end, you then must continue watering it and take care of it.

I must say that we have great kids who are so eager to learn and so quick to learn as well. They were listening intently to every instruciton that was given and were so responsive to this gardening assignment. And yes gardening is not a waste of time and its fun.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Coordination and movement

In teaching and educating, we believe in a balance. Educating the mind is important but to educate the body is also important. For this we have Physical Ed and "Music and Movement" subject. It both gives them exercise as well as confidence when carrying one's self. The children were visibly excited once they were given mini tambourines and Rattles.

Led by the Teacher, the children tested their timing in music and practiced to follow the rhythm of the music.

Some of them were quite coordinated with their musical instruments and some of them showed talent in moving with the music.

The whole class lasted for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. In the end the children really enjoyed this class because I guess they could play while studying.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cooking Classes

One of the activities we have here at New Horizon is cooking class. We teach the preschooler how to cook simple food(both fattening and non-fattening haha) which they can take home as their lunch or to show to their mum and dad. Today we cooked hot dog sandwiches. The children had a blast as you will see in some pictures to come.

We let them wear plastic gloves to teach them cleaniness and hygiene while preparing food, very important.

(doesn't that hotdog look gorgeous?)
"How proud am I of my creation",

Next we taught them how to use the microwave oven. Kids are so tech savvy these days, they learned how to use it rather quickly.

All in all the children can be seen really concerntrating hard on food preparation as they probably don't usually prepare their own food at home

But most importantly they learned how to and had fun doing it

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First day of School

Pronounced as new hoRai Gereja Glory's new church community project in the form of a preschool centre. There was excitement in the air as we started off preparing for the first day of school for a total of 6 students. They came at 9am sharp wearing their light blue and light brown uniform which was really cute.

Some of them were happy, some of them really restless and some even cried. I can't help but think back to my first day in Kindy when I was 5-6 years of age after seeing all these children coming for school for the first time. It was a joy to see and witness this first day of school.